Jeonghyeon Joo is an award-winning haegeum performer, composer, improviser, and researcher who is an ardent advocate for new and experimental music. Joo draws narrative through an exploration of a somatic, corporeal relationship between instrument and body, frequently collaborating with filmmakers, dancers, visual artists, and composers. Her work also investigates social and cultural questions arising from her personal practice and training in haegeum performance.

As a unique experimental haegeum performer/composer, she has been selected as one of the Pioneering Artists of the Next Generation in Performing Arts by the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (2022) for her work The Art of Bowing and by Arts Council Korea (2019-20) for her debut project EXERCISE. As an authentic Korean traditional musician, Joo has mastered classical and folk repertoires of Korean art music and won prestigious awards for her outstanding artistic achievements in haegeum including the Presidential Award of Korea (2012), First Prize at KBS Korean Music Competition (2014), Grand Prize (Award from Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) at Jeonju-daesaseup Traditional Music Competition (2011), and Silver Prize at Dong-A Korean Music Competition (2012).

Recently, she has created large-scale performance projects with support from the Arts Council Korea and Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture. Joo also has frequently given lectures and presented her works at notable conferences and institutions such as the International Computer Music Conference, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, Composition in Asia International Symposium, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Riverside, San Francisco State University, San Diego State University, Seoul National University, and Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles. She received a Master of Arts and Bachelor of Music from Seoul National University with a research focus on the development of contemporary études for the haegeum and is currently a DMA candidate at the California Institute of the Arts. She is on faculty at the California Institute of the Arts and Seoul Institute of the Arts, serving as a Program Director at CultureHub.


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